While taking a walk my Mom found a sweater sitting on the side of the road.  Knowing my love for all things thrifty, she picked it up and saved it for me. After all, wouldn’t my girls love something this sparkley-riffic?

Of course they would. But something happened. The more I stared at this sweater sitting in my upcycle bin, the more I realized just how fantastic it actually was. A gem like this needed to be seen, to be shared.

After all, we could all use more smiles and laughter in our life.

So I wore it around one day, just for giggles. And between you and me, I haven’t received that many stares since my early twenties. Ha!  My girls told me it was their favorite outfit I have ever worn.

But I couldn’t keep something this fantastic all to myself. I mean, that poor sweater. Left all alone on the side of the road like that. It needed to travel, to see the world.

I just knew that this masterpiece in modern day apparel would be loved the world wide over.

So I wore it faithfully to the Boardwalk here in Virginia Beach, snapped a picture, and said my good byes. Sending it on to the next blogger so that it could be seen somewhere fabulous.

Letting your trash (person who left it on the side of the road), become our treasure (because us bloggers are kinda silly like that).

The Traveling Sweater.  Coming to a blog near you.