Kids Inspiration & Design Series is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited to kick it off with my very special, and extremely talented daughter. Chloe is the true inspiration behind K.I.D.S., she gave me the idea to create a Series with the sole purpose of turning our children’s drawings and dreams into reality.

That little precious thing gives me artwork all of the time, so much so that my sewing area is usually overflowing with it. But when she came up to me one day with a dress form coloring page and hand drawn jacket that she had made. I simply knew I needed to make this drawing a reality.

A Chloe original.

What better way to validate her artwork? Showing her that I can use my passion for sewing to turn her vision into something she can wear.  That I not only loved her drawing, but I wanted to work with her on it – combining both of our talents. Literally empowering her as a young mind, and showing her that her creations are worthy, esteemed and valued in my opinion.

And as I thought about sharing this Series with others, it just seemed like a perfect opportunity to get parents and their children working together. I wanted other parents to have that same joy that I had as I showed my daughter her finished creation, and the satisfaction of seeing that look of joy in their child’s eye.

This time around for K.I.D.S. 2 Chloe challenged me with a turquoise dress with pink polka dots all over it. And I am sorry, were those bubbles at the shoulders? Lol.

I decided this dress called for Poms…stat. Of course I want her to still be able to wear this dress on an every day basis, so the pom shoulders were sewn onto a removable knit shrug – something she can use during dress up.

To make the dress I simply used iCandy Handmade’s Racer Tunic, combined with No Big Dill’s Book with a Hole Dress.

And lets not forget the two on the bum…

Overall I think she likes it, even if she did say after the fact she designed it for her sister.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to swing by next week and check out the amazing list of bloggers guesting with their incredibly talented designing children!

Until next time…Happy Sewing!