Today I want to share how you can easily make one (or ten) bracelets for the She’s Worth It Campaign.

These DIY leather bracelets are actually much easier than they seem! I made all four of them in under an hour, and know they will go a long way into helping a woman feel loved, worthy, and offer hope for a future not yet seen.

In case you missed my blog post yesterday, I am partnering with Andrea of The Train to Crazy, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Jess of If Only They Would Nap, and Vanessa of Designs by Sessa, to help raise money, awareness, support, handmade products, and love all in an effort to fund organizations that fight human trafficking and slavery. You can find more information HERE.

One of the ways you can help is by sewing up handmade bracelets or zipper pouches that will be hand delivered to women who have been rescued from human sex trafficking and are looking to rebuild their future. Offering them hope and love, and letting them know that they are indeed Worth It.

Of course you can use this tutorial to make bracelets for yourself as well…just do it after you have made one for the She’s Worth it Campaign :).



And there you have it! The hardest part is getting the supplies, which I was able to pick up all in one trip to my local Michael’s Craft Store.

Won’t you join us in shining a little bit of love into these women’s lives?

Be sure to check out The Train to Crazy all week for more bracelet and zipper pouch inspiration. Have a handmade bracelet or zippered pouch that you want to donate? E-mail me at jgerblick{at}hotmail{dot}com for address information!

Don’t sew? Want to go above and beyond? You can join us with a simple financial donation that will be distributed to She’s Worth It Field Partners. These are the men and women out in the trenches rescuing women, building safe houses, and providing life & skill training.

For more information on the She’s Worth It Campaign, click HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!