I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Stacey is so much fun because her blog comes from a totally different perspective. You guessed it, she is all about..BOYS.

With three little men in her life to sew for, she comes up with some of the most fantastic creations! Its all about having fun and keeping the boys entertained in her world, and she manages to make it all look easy. I am always impressed, and couldn’t wait to see what her and her boys would come up with together for us today!


When I started to sew, during the pregnancy of my second son, 4 years ago, I never imagined what the kids would be wearing today would be 80% handmade. I was sewing along here and there (burp clothes, appliqued t-shirts ect.) when suddenly an amazing thing started happening. My eldest son started asking me to sew things for him.  A costume here, a set of soft toys there, shirts in ninja, viking, or other boy themed varieties.  The next thing I knew, they all wanted to weigh in on the design process.

My oldest is about to turn 7 which has been a great age for allowing him to draw out his ideas.  This doesn’t mean we don’t have to tweak his ideas from time to time.  When I first asked him to draw me a picture for today’s post, he drew this:

As you can see he was extremely specific.
He wanted pajamas.  With 2 X’s, 6 footballs, 1 star, 5 skull and crossbones, and 4 football helmets.  Leave it to a boy to mash all of his favorite things into the same project.  We put his idea to the side and came back to it a few weeks later.  We discussed the likelihood of finding such specific fabric and whether it could or should all go together.  Most of the ideas from this one were scraped.  I do plan to return to those football shaped elbow patches though.  After looking at some fabric choices on-line, he returned to the drawing board and drew this.

We finally had something I could work with. We had to go a different way with the color scheme based on what was available at the fabric store, but when his eyes caught this star covered velour, they lit up with happiness.

It also meant we had to play with the design again.  Velour footed  pajamas would have him sweating to death at night.  With his permission we went ahead and gave the sleeves and legs coordinating cuffs.

Cuffs always make me happy because I know by folding them down, we’ll get a bit more wear out of the outfit.

With him so involved in the design process, he was asking on a daily basis if his pajamas were ready and when they finally were, he was thrilled.  He put them on right away and didn’t take them off all day.

Which is fine with me because, in reality, his pajama drawer is full to the brim. I was calling this a lounge suit from the beginning.  Shh, don’t tell, but the pants have pockets.  Pajamas don’t have pants pockets.  Pajamas? Lounge suit?  I say potAtO, you say pOtOto, right?

Or maybe not.  Thanks to my little guy for braving the cold for the photos. Thanks for having us along, Jess.  This was so much fun and I’m looking forward to many more mother/son design ventures.


What a great tip about the cuffs Stacey, I am DEFINITELY going to be putting that into place more around my house. It drives me crazy how fast my kids outgrow their pajamas – that is fantastic!  Your little man’s pajamas (or shall I say lounge suit – lol), are adorable, and how much fun that he designed them. He is going to love them forever. Great job momma! Thanks so much for being here and playing along!

Be sure to hop on over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! to see some of the other amazing creations Stacey has made…especially if you happen to have boys :).

And in case you were curious, she happens to have some fun stuff for Mom up her sleeve as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!