I am so happy to have today’s guest here – Amanda of Kitschy Coo.

Amanda is a new friend of mine, and I have simply fallen in love with her fun sense of style. She just goes for it! Her color choices, her knits, her patterns – everything about it is just fun! And what more could a kid ask for?

Her creations and fabrics are all geared towards allowing kids to let loose and be their quirky selves, and I love it all.


Greeting, everybody, I’m Amanda from Kitschy Coo. I’m really honoured and excited to be contributing to this fantastic Series! Both of my kids have been growing up in tandem with my business so they’re well accustomed to the constant deliveries of fabric, the chaos of pattern pieces and cuttings all over the place, the droning of three machines, and of course the resultant goodies. What they probably haven’t seen for a while, though, is me sewing just for fun! Man, it feels so good.

My daughter is perhaps the most prolific drawer in the Northern Hemisphere (if not the world) so she was a natural candidate for my inspiration. The problem was narrowing it down…  I didn’t want to specifically task her with ‘Draw me precisely what you want me to make’ as I knew she would sharply veer down Ball Gown Alley, plus I wanted to surprise her.  Looking through her reams of drawings, she actually has a pretty clear (non-ball-gown) aesthetic:  rainbow acid-hues, stripes and colour-blocking, and playfulness.  So I started with this:

We spent at least 45 hours over half-term last week working our way through one of our fantastic Japanese colouring books.  Each page has a starting point and a prompt; this page was a double spread with ‘Whomever Tells The Funniest Joke Wins’.  Would you be shocked if I told you she made her joke up all by herself?  Five year olds, amirite?  And here’s what I made…

I followed her colour scheme and proportions as much as I could: a longer orange bodice section, fuschia pockets in the middle, lime green between the pockets, a shorter red lower panel,and two-tone purple sleeves.  Fortuitously for me, the shoulders of her drawing are markedly Dolman-esque so I used my Dolman T-Shirt pattern as a starting point.

I dropped the shirt to dress length, made it more A-line, extended the Dolman sleeves into mock double-sleeves, and then panelled it to colour-block the sections.

I trimmed the edges of the pocket with black (as well as the neckline and hemline) to recreate the thick black edges of the colouring lines in the book.

The lime green Kangaroo pocket is layered on top of a full panel of fuchsia so there’s lots of room for stowing all the detritus she collects in a day.  If you squint really hard at the pictures you might see one more design feature I added…

To mimic the scribbles of her pen I freestyled every piece of the dress up-and-down and up-and-down with coordinating thread.  This one sewing pursuit that is actually enhanced by a glass of wine.  Or so I’m told.

So there we have it.  An interplanetary covergence which meant it was neither freezing nor raining in Edinburgh for pictures. A snazzy and functional not-a-ballgown for my Joker.  A kick-up-the-bum for me to take time and sew just for fun.  A chance to remind my kids than sewing is not always for work, it can also turn imagination into reality.    Thanks so much for having me!


Amanda, I LOVE that dress! What little girl wouldn’t choose that out of her closet every single time!?  But the joke…nailed it.  Thank you so much for being here and being a part of K.I.D.S.! I just may need for your little one to design something for my own kiddos – love it!

Be sure to hop on over to Kitschy Coo and check out Amanda’s blog for more awesomeness…