Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings has got to be one of my favorite bloggers! (I know, I say that a lot – but its true every time!). I love this girl!!!

She is one of the sweetest, most genuine chicas out there and I feel honored to know her and have been able to meet her this past October for GNO Salt Lake.  A woman with a fun loving passion for sewing, reading, and Harry Potter, she just has this child like Spirit that is contagious to those around her. And who doesn’t love that?

Marissa is on the opposite side of most K.I.D.S. participants, as she actually doesn’t have any kids of her own…yet. But with younger sisters, cousins, and family friends – she had plenty of friends to choose from to encourage and help make their dreams become a reality.

And by looking at her K.I.D.S. post, you know Marissa just made a new best friend…


I absolutely love that moment when a kiddo moves from drawing random scribbles and shapes to really drawing as a way to express her imaginations. My 5 year old niece T has recently been drawing these amazing people. Some with really beautiful flowing hair and others with detailed dresses. It has been SO fun to watch her imagination appear on the pages.

You can imagine my excitement when Jessica introduced this awesome series. Today I am a mere seamstress with the awesome honor of bringing to life the design of an up and coming new designer – a Miss T 😉

I asked her many questions about her pictures. Where those ruffles? No just stripes. Different colors? Yes. And she made a point to tell me that she wanted the arms higher because she’s “not so good at drawing” haha too cute.

The dress was so easy and I think pretty cute. If you want to make your own Just measure your kid from shoulder to ankle and divide that by the number of sections (I had 9). T was about 34 inches so that had me rounding up to 4 inches per panel but you want to add an inch to the top and the bottom panels (my red and gray). Even though you measured from the shoulder with seam allowances this ends up working with the shoulder straps. Start off by sewing/serging each panel to each other so you have one big paneled rectangle.

Next hem the top edge and then shirr the top panel (mine was the red one). If you haven’t shirred before check out my tutorial on how to shirr fabric. It’s very easy and so much cheaper than buying the pre-made stuff.

Then finish the edges (that will become the back) with rights sides together sew the back leaving a slit.

Fold the edges of the dress where the slit is and sew under to finish. Sew on a ribbon if desired. Hem. (Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this step)

Mark the center. I did so by folding and ironing down the middle. Sew on buttons. Iron the first ironing fold away. Use gathered eyelet for the straps. Have your little one try on the dress and measure how long the straps should be and mark their placement with a disappearing marker (on T’s I did them 10 inches so they ended up shorter once sewn on). Sew the straps on.

I had so much fun sewing this up and I think that T liked seeing her design come to life. I already have another picture that she wants me to sew up. This picture was drawn a few months ago and her drawing skills have really improved since so I’m excited for more collaborations! And of course her little sister LOVED it and insisted on trying it on after we were done taking pictures.

Hope you guys like it. Thanks so much for having me Jess!


Oh my goodness, that dress Marissa. That is fantastic! That rainbow creation, with the little bow at the bottom? It is like every little girl’s dream dress!  You really did just turn Miss T into a mini fashion designer, and I love it!!! Like I said – new BFF 4 Life.  Thank you again so much for being here Marissa and being a part of K.I.D.S.

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Happy Sewing!