Oh my goodness, Jess from Running with Scissors is here!!!

Let me gush just a little, because I officially love this woman. Everything she does is simply incredible. Outside of the fact that she is always cracking me up, her sewing talent is through the roof. And not only that – but this Momma just gave birth to her third child a few weeks ago and is still throwing out rocking tutorials. Pre-planned I am sure because my bet is she is doing a whole lot of trying to sleep around toddlers and a newborn right about now…but still. She rocks! And she is here, and I am so excited!


When I first read about the KIDS series I loved the concept.
The few times I’ve involved my kids to pick fabric, projects, or details have been so fun and I usually love the creation even more because they helped make it.
Both the sewing and the chance to work together with my kid is so fun and rewarding, so I am really excited to get to participate for series 2!
Thanks for the scheduled chance to create with my little boy Jessica!
So….I guess I didn’t explain the process very well to my four year old, because he first drew something I’d already sewn him, a monster hat.
After I told him I’ll sew anything he draws, he went crazy and gave me an outfit (or I guess pajamas) and bedding set.
I guess his theme was space because everything had stars, moons, and rockets on them:
um, maybe I should have said one thing, not four.

So in the end we stuck to only the pants.  I wondered why he drew pajamas because he gave up pajamas a few months ago and insists he has to sleep in “undies only”.  So I wasn’t about to sew more pajamas to sit in his drawer, so we planned out trouser-type pants.
His sketch was pretty simple, with “strings” on the bottom to be like astronaut pants.
We chose navy blue and gray (silver) to make them look like space.
Because I couldn’t, (or really didn’t want to) make the quilt, pillow, and shirt, I added his drawings of the  rocket and moon/ stars to his back pockets.  I use a free motion presser foot and just free-hand-sew the sketches on to give it the hand-drawn feel.  I did my best to mimic his original drawings.
But then he was disappointed because he “couldn’t see way far back on his bum!”
So I added little ones on the front pockets so he could see them.

Details on the pants themselves.
1. Used a pattern I drafted last October for his “grandpa pants
2. Basically linen jeans with a metal zipper, hook closure, buttonhole elastic waistband, and back pockets.

3. Fabric is a linen/poly blend so it has the texture, feel, and drape of linen without all the wrinkles.

4.The astronaut stripes at the hem were made with 1/4″ bias tape I made with a clover bias tape maker (found in quilting notions of JoAnn).  I sewed the inner leg seam, then top-stitched the bias tape across and just made sure to line them up when I sewed the final side seam.
He loves them because he planned them out, and I love them because he does! 

Thanks for letting us be a part of your series!
Hopefully I’ll do this more on my own in the future.


I absolutely love the way you interpreted this Jess – he can’t see them because they are on his bum – HA! If he is like my kids he will now run around and say na na na boo boo shaking his bum everywhere when he is wearing those pants – love it! Thank you so much for being here and being a part of K.I.D.S.!

Be sure to head on over to Running with Scissors and check out some of her fabulous patterns and tutorials…

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!