I love today’s guest, Andrea of The Train to Crazy.  Andrea is someone I have had the privilege to get to know personally and I am honored to call her a good friend of mine.

This Momma of 4 is on fire, and I love being able to cheer for her from afar!

With the Go To Patterns Shop release this past Summer, her selection of only the finest quality patterns have given her an incredible reputation among the industry. Since then she has released Go To Sew, a site that features some of the latest and greatest patterns and tutorials out there – that just may have a fun sewing competition coming soon! And lastly, this mastermind is working on releasing her own graphics design company andreapannell.com, where she will help fellow bloggers on graphics, media kits, and other things we all need and are clueless about.

So let’s see what Andrea and her 4 kiddos are up to today for K.I.D.S.


I was so excited when Jess asked me to be a guest for K.I.D.S. I decided to ask my oldest daughter to collaborate with me because she is the most interested in sewing. She loves to go through scraps and make quilts, bags and other little creations. But I’ve never taught her technique for anything. My theory (for a lot of things) is that is was better for her just to play around and not worry about right and wrong ways of sewing. But when I asked her what I should make she decided she was going to design it

AND sew it herself.

I was glad she drew a skirt.

So she looked through all my fabric and didn’t like any of my suggestions. Nothing was pretty enough for her. Then she found it. Elephants and stripes. But that wasn’t enough. Something was missing. Oh, right. Lace. Lace was missing.

We followed this super duper easy tutorial to make a simple skirt with a french seam that I made. Or you can follow this Simple Skirt Tutorial that was my very first tutorial back in 2008.
teach kids to sew pfaff
And she sewed.
And sewed.
And her seams were so straight and she was so proud.
But then she had to insert the elastic into the casing.
And there were tears.
Thankfully Grandma came to the rescue and patiently showed her how to do it.
elephant and lace skirt
She was so excited. And I was very proud. She did it all herself and it is perfect!!
naomi sews skirt
Thank you for inspiring me to let her make her first skirt! She’s ready to move on to her second garment.


Andrea, that is just the cutest thing ever!  Thank you so much for being here today and being a part of K.I.D.S, your little ones are just the cutest. I hope there is a day when we can get all of ours together and let them run around like crazy :).

For more of Andrea’s awesomeness, be sure to check out her patterns and tutorials

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!