I made a decision upon returning home from Alt Summit. I am officially taking my camera off Auto, well…when I have the time to fumble with the settings that is. You see, I have this amazing camera – a camera people actually comment on. And I have no flipping idea how to use it. Click…auto.

I once actually asked a professional photographer how to set my camera, and she told me to read the manual. Yeah, that’t not gonna happen. And that is actually the reason why I have kept it on Auto all this time. Because this stuff isn’t easy to figure out!!!

But that’s it. No more. After watching another girl at Alt Summit fumble with her settings as she tried to get it just right through her lens – I decided. I can do it. I can fumble my way through figuring this out and get better photos for my photo albums, for my blog, and for my life!

So anyone who wants to come over and show me how to set my ISO, I would more than welcome the visit.  We’ll show that manual who’s boss.

And PS – I just liked the idea of using a random bag of thread my Mom gave me as a sewing font. I {heart} sewing, don’t you?

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!