Alright Alida – let’s see what you got.

For the pattern we agreed upon using something neither one of us had worked with before, to help eliminate any unfair advantages.  After seeing Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop’s Hangout Hoodie, it seemed like the perfect choice. It could be adaptable for both boys and girls, and was something fresh and new that we were both excited to work with.

I enjoyed playing around with my fabrics to try to figure out the best fabric / color combo.  And after sewing one up with all different coordinating fabrics…hated it and changed my mind.  Which led me to go in the completely opposite direction. White, white, white. Impractical for kids, naturally. But I just – can’t – help – myself. I LOVE WHITE, and have therefor inherited a love for bleach.

Booya. Stenciled headphones and a walkman baby, because I am old school like that.

I am sorry Alida, are you too young to know what a walkman is?

You see, back in my day we had these things called tapes. And you would pop them into your cassette player for your music. And you would have to rewind and fast forward, and actually wait up to a minute sometimes to try to get to the right part of your tape. Try being the key word there. Because more often than not you found yourself rewinding and fast forwarding and then rewinding again. Only to find out it was on Side B. And if my younger brother ever got his hands on my tape and pulled out all of the film – you could just stick your finger in the center and wind the tape back up. Hopefully he didn’t crinkle it up too badly.  We would record our songs by holding a recording tape player up to the speakers of our stereo and trying to hit the button just at the right moment, when the DJ would stop talking, after having waited around for hours just to hear the song actually play on the radio.  Of course that was only when my parents couldn’t give me a ride in the horse drawn carriage to the music store. That’s a building that we used to have to visit in order to actually buy our music.

Don’t even get me started on the concept of a beeper.

I just love the retro modern look out for kids style now. When I thought of the shirts I naturally reach for in my sons wardrobe, its the funky bunch tees that see action time and time again.  And of course with Spring just around the corner (thank you Mr. Groundhog), I thought this shirt would fit the bill perfectly.

I love the way the stencil came out. My first one that didn’t bleed all over the place. I would probably go up a size in the pattern when sewing again, but I am partial to a really loose fit on my boy.  For my girls the size would have been perfect.  The pockets on the arms were my own addition.

And don’t you worry, Ben is not affected by my Old School ways. He knows how to work that thing better than I do!!! (I kid)

So let’s see it Alida…whatcha got?

There is a clear winner here, and I am pretty sure…it aint me.  Ouch. That hurts.

I see Blue, he looks glorious.

Be sure to hop on over to Alida Makes to check out all of her photos from our fun throw down!!!  And you can find more information on the Hangout Hoodie Pattern by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and having some fun with us!

Until next time…happy sewing!