I am honored to have today’s guest here today – Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun.

This glue gun wielding Momma is not only incredibly talented, but has the most fantastic sense of humor to boot. Every time I go to her site she always manages to make me laugh!  She is like a triple threat for the blogging world, she can craft, sew, blog, and even do videos.

Funny story though, anyone who knows Kimbo and reads her blog will tell you that she often refers to her her blog as the acronym AGAAGG.  Well….

The bright light that I am, only figured out the acronym about 3 months back or so.  For years I had been reading her blog thinking that when Kim said AGAAGG it was her way of saying ‘egads’! Like she was really excited, couldn’t hold it in, and…agaagg!!!  When I finally put 2 + 2 together I felt so silly. Of course I sent her a message letting her know my revelation. Ha! Love ya Kim :).

I couldn’t wait to see what Kimbo and her little ones would create together for K.I.D.S.


so….I’m really glad that jessica can take a hint..
like when i left a comment last season saying that if she was going to do K.I.D.S again that I WANTED to be included!
i love this series! it’s so fun and everyone comes up with such FREAKIN AWESOME ideas! i mean wow!
so…mine isn’t an original idea…but one i’ve been wanted to do for awhile. i saw this pin where you take your kids drawing and turn them into stuffed animals! so fun and a real kid pleaser! so i finally did it–I mean i bought the material over 1 year ago…!
my 8 (at the time) year old drew a bunch of funny monsters…and i went through and picked my favorite ones to make..
stuffed animals can be complicated…but i like things easy peasy so i did just a basic structure…
cut the pieces…

I LOVE ruffle fabric..and wanted an excuse to use it…so i used it for the bellies…
sew on all face and any details before you sew the pieces together..
for ears: Or hands: OR feet:
sew around…making sure to leave just an opening to turn it right side out…
I take all the pieces and sew them in place before attaching the other side…
put right sides together…with all limbs out of the way…

once again..leave an opening to turn it right side out…and then stuff (i use any leftover fabric and scraps then stuffing….cause i’m cheap like that.


then you are done!!!!

PicMonkey Collagemonster stuffed animal

(i did take a little creative license to add a little here and there…but i think the drawings integrity is still there…

PicMonkey Collagemonsters2 PicMonkey Collage monsters

this one loves them…and was quite sad when i told her they were her siblings (i haven’t gotten around to her’s yet!)


thanks so much for letting me part of this series…even though i butted myself on!


Kim – those are AMAZING!!!  And I am quite frankly honored that you would want to be a part of anything I am doing – thank YOU so much for being here!!! You know how much I love you :). But those monsters – I am dying! I love that you used ruffle fabric for the belly’s – that is awesome! Your kids must love these! Ben would have them doing My Little Pony attacks all day long! HA! Love it! They look just like the pictures!

For more of Kimbo and her Glue Gun awesomeness (or in the case of the photos below – sewing awesomeness), be sure to hop on over to her blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!