Let the Spring Collection Begin!!!

I had so much fun coming up with today’s look. As some of you may know, me and polka dots have had our run-ins in the past. But as I get older and wiser, lol, I have come to learn how to use polka dots in moderation.

This dress had many changes along the way in the design process. Initially it was going to be way more modern looking, with the polka dots going in specific design directions. But a simple zipper from Coats and Clark changed all of that. Upon seeing that zipper I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do, and it all started with a simple men’s button down…

I really went all out with that ‘Before’ picture, didn’t I?! Its like the infomercials when the before picture has no makeup on and is tired looking. Wrinkled shirt straight from the Plus Size Section on the Salvation Army – $2. Perfect!

Needless to say, I am thrilled with how this dress turned out! It just may be my favorite thing from the entire collection. Which makes it even more fun to premier on the blog.

Let me show you how you can make this fabulous upcycle…



And there you have it! The very first piece from the Spring Collection 2013. I hope you like it!!!

Speaking of Polka Dots…have you been following along with the fun Polka Dot Project Melissa from Polka Dot Chair has been hosting the past few weeks?
I happen to be guest posting there today with a tutorial for the fun headband you see in today’s post…

Be sure to hop on over to check out how you can make an easy interchangeable fabric headband in less than 5 minutes!

Thanks so much for stopping by, until next time…

Happy Sewing!