I made it through to Week 2, woot woot! Thank you so much for all who voted for me, the competition is fierce. These ladies definitely brought it.

The theme for Week 2 is the ever classic Sundress. Whenever I think of Sundresses I think of something fun and whimsical, with just a hint of appeal. I think of garden parties, afternoon strolls on the beach, or walking through fields of flowers. I remember when I was much younger reading a popular fashion magazine that polled males on their favorite look for women…the response was surprising for me at the time. It wasn’t the fashion seen on the runway, or even in the stores, it was the timeless sundress that received an overwhelming majority of the vote. I don’t know why, but that little article always stayed with me, and I loved the challenge of creating a new look for myself.


As soon as I saw Lotta Jansdotter’s Premier fabric Collection Deep Indigo ”Ruta”, I was instantly in love. This print manages to be geometrical yet playful at the same time.  And there is nothing I love more color-wise in the Summer than pairing navy with green.


Using the same bodice block as last week, the Burda cap sleeve dress found here, I made some major alterations. The neckline was brought up and had darts and pleats added to it, the waist was brought up, the side seams were brought down to almost non-existent, shoulder seams were altered to allow for a button closer, and of course the back was completely cut up. With that much skin showing on the back, I wanted to add a fun and full twisted bubble skirt – which traditionally isn’t found on adult dresses. But I loved the extra flair it gave to an otherwise open back. Lastly I made the button shoulder seam overlap and look off-kilter with the other shoulder, which plays in nicely with the whimsy of the dress fabric.



But who am I kidding? After last week, I know what you all really want to know. How did this photo shoot really go down?

Picture this…I am at my daughter’s preschool, which doubles as a church.  There is a small garden, with a gorgeous ivy covered gated entrance, that is never used. I swear, I am there most days and I have never once seen someone in it. I can only assume this is a prayer garden. Not wanting to disturb anyone, I photo-bomb…yet again. This time I sneak in just before sunset – pulling the minivan right up to the entrance. Popping out with tripod and remote in hand, I set up, snap about 50 photos as fast as humanly possible – literally whizzing around that garden – just before the camera could run out of batteries. Which was all well and good, because I wanted to get out of there before anyone realized who I was. Paparazzi at church. What is my life coming to? Ha!

Not only that, but I then had to change in the car so that I could make it to my daughter’s soccer practice in time.

I am pretty sure I am slightly crazy on most days. Either which way it goes, I do love this sundress. And the funny bra I need to don in order to wear it.


RocktheVote Be sure to hop on over to Project Sewn and vote for your favorite look! Which I am hoping is mine.

Either way, the designers are all amazing and you are in for some serious sundress eye candy!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…Happy Sewing!

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