Let the competition begin!

We were challenged for Week One of Project Sewn to come up with a black and white look, which seems to be one of this Seasons hottest trends. Ummm…what? I honestly had no idea. And after immediately googling Spring fashion trends, I soon realized just how behind the curve I actually was. Ha!

I ended up becoming quite introspective while designing this look. At what point did I stop wearing these fashionable colors? Was it when I left the working world? Had children? At some point my life seemed to become more colorful, and my clothes with it.

But as for black and white in my evening wear, well that will never go out of style.


When designing fitted clothes for myself, I always like to start with a basic bodice block that I know fits well. In this case it is the Burda Cap Sleeved Dress Pattern. I brought the neckline up, brought in the bodice back to become slightly more fitted, and altered the cap sleeves for a more sleeveless look. To make the knot front, I used a technique found in Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi. This book is a fabulous read to give you some fun ideas on how to alter fabrics. But if you are looking for step by step instructions, you will not find it. You need to know basic sewing construction already. The bodice of this dress took me about 2 days to sew together alone.


But once I had it altogether, I was in love and knew exactly what I wanted in the skirt of the dress. A nice classic, thick black and white stripe. Wanting the skirt fabric to match the bodice exactly, I ended up piecing the black and white fabric together to create the stripes. This also allowed me to get the exact thickness desired.


And naturally, no dress is complete without pockets. I will be forever grateful to Sarah Jessica Parker for that trend.


The end result is something I absolutely love. A classic, beautiful look that will never go out of fashion. I am so proud of this dress, and thankful to be a part of a competition that will continue to grow and stretch me as seamstress and clothing designer.

As for the photos…



Let’s just say they were taken in our neighbors backyard in a hurry.  She didn’t know I was back there, and I was so worried she was going to look out the window and see me and freak out!  Trespass much?

Be sure to hop on over to Project Sewn and vote for your favorite look! (mine of course – ha!)

And let the competition begin!

May the odds be ever in your favor.