This week at Project Sewn we were challenged to create an 80’s look. After sifting through boatloads of neon, rocker chic, and Madonna images for inspiration – I decided to go a different route.

I wanted to pay homage to a true fashion icon from that era – Miss Denise Huxtible.



Denise always seemed to be on the cutting edge of modern day urban chic, creating a style that was all her own. Her fresh take on fashion, mixed with her complete sense of confidence and self worth, made her stand out from the crowd in an otherwise neon world.

Using a fabulous tribal knit print, I was able to draft the jumpsuit utilizing a wide leg pants pattern as my base starting off point. I added pockets, with an elastic waistband to make the outfit wearable with a belt or without. Furthermore, to add to the fun ‘parachute pants’ style that was ever so popular during that era, I sewed button tab closures on the sides so that the pants could be worn up or down.


For the jacket I used the Burda Style pattern Collarless Jacket made with a white lightweight jacket fabric. The only alterations made to this pattern was letting the zipper remain exposed rather than covering it up with twill tape, and fully lining the coat – rather than just doing facings.  I absolutely adore this jacket, and will definitely be wearing it all Summer long. It fits perfectly, and the zipper cuffs are to die for.



Match the white coat, with the retro jumpsuit, and a boatload of arm bangles and optional fedora- and you have the 80’s baby…Cosby style.


Now, onto the Photoshoot.

This time I was behind our local grocery store, next to the dumpster and loading area. A place I thought would be completely void of on-lookers. I was wrong. Apparently this is a high foot-traffic alley, and I had loads of young adults constantly walking by giving me the stink eye. A few cat calls of ‘say cheese’, and then a bunch of repeat walk-bys just to see what the crazy girl with tripod and remote were up to next to the dumpster. And it stunk. And it started to rain a couple of times, which made me jump just to cover up the camera in time. And it was only a slight photo bomb this time as the only people who saw me consistently, outside of the teenagers that kept walking by, were the chefs and delivery person from the Chinese Restaurant with the back alley open door just to the right of this photo. I would say that is a step up from the last 2 weeks.


Now be sure to head on over to Project Sewn and vote for your favorite look. 

Rock On….