I love fun and easy dresses for kids, and shift dresses are at the top of that list! Farrah of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here today showing you how to sew an easy kid’s shift dress, with a free sewing pattern for size 2/3T.

How to Sew a Color-block Shift Dress – DIY

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Nothing signals the start of summer quite like brightly colored dresses! Get your Mod on with this easy to make Color Block Shift Dress.


Most of my projects begin with the same self drafted pattern. I made a basic pattern that I use for both tops and dresses, by tracing one of my daughter’s tee shirts.  The pattern takes the guess work out of sewing. Plus it is easily customizable by adding or reducing the length or fullness to achieve your desired look. Trust me it is truly worth your time to make a sloper/pattern, it will be the first thing you grab when starting a sewing project.

First things first, I traced the pattern onto a blank sheet of paper so that I could make modifications to it without ruining the original pattern. Measure from the shoulder seam down to where you would like the color to block, then cut. Its that simple. I choose to do just 2 colors, but you could certainly use three or ten contrasting colors instead. The possibilities are endless with this trend.  If your little is a size 2t/3t, you are in luck!

Tip: For every cut you make be sure to add seam allowance where ever it attaches to the next section. Otherwise your garment will end up shorter than you had planned.

Your pattern pieces should look like this:

 photo colorblock7_zps5e5f34dd.jpg
Now that all of your pattern pieces are cut, now it’s time to sew. (I’m  not sure why I had DJ Lance Rock’s voice in my head when I typed that, I was almost tempted to type “Now break it down” #toddlermomproblems).


1. Sew front panel to back panel at the sides, right sides together.

2. Sew front facing to back facing at the sides, right sides together.

3. Sew front hem band to back hem band at the sides, right sides together. Sew the front hem band facing to back hem band facing at the sides, right sides together (This step is completely optional. You could just hem the hem band regularly, but I like the clean finish of using the facing with this fabric. Skip step 4 if you choose not to use the hem band facing).

4. Pin hem band facing to hem band right sides together. Sew lower edges together. Turn hem band facing inside. Press.

5. Pin facing to dress, right sides together, matching seams and centers. Sew around neckline and armholes. Turn facing to inside. Press.

6. Turn facing to outside, tuck front shoulder seams into back shoulder seams. Pin. Sew.

7. Pin hem band to front and back of dress, matching side seams. Sew.



So, what’s your favorite style Summer Dress?

Be sure to come back for more easy color-blocking goodness later on this week!


Left: Color Block Skirt by Sewbon, Middle: Color Block Shift Dress by Mingo & Grace, Right: Tomorrow’s Post by The Sewing Rabbit!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!