Do you have little pirates in your house?

With shows like Pirates of the Caribbean and Jake and the Never Land Pirates being so popular the past few years, it seems like pirate decor has become all the rage with little ones. I love the whole fantasy aspect of it – from treasure maps, pirate princesses, telescopes, pirate ships, and of course finding buried treasure, the throwback to classic pirate decor is everywhere. So when I saw this Map Pillow Project from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores, I knew my kids would love it!

I loved the idea of the map pillow, which of course is perfect for little boys. But its my girls that are into finding buried treasures, and X marks the spot adventure. So by simply switching out the fabric recommendations for my more girly fabrics and colors – I was able to recreate this fabulous free sewing pattern into something more appropriate for our house.

Make your own Map Pillow.


Make your own Map Pillow

Make your own Map Pillow


And what map pillow would be complete without a hidden pocket on the back for treasure maps?

To add the pocket back, I simply folded one of the back circle pattern pieces in half and basted around the outer edge to the other back circle pattern piece (the piping is optional).  Then continued on with the pattern’s instructions found here.


I also used heat n’bond to help adhere the continents – which really helps speed up the process of this project. The embroidery is completely optional, but I just couldn’t help myself! One night in front of the TV and I was done.

How to make your own Map Pillow
I would suggest a thicker piping then the one I used, as it got a little floppy looking and thicker piping will help keep its shape better. But I just couldn’t resist the hot pink and white stripe.

I kind of love it.


And now my pirate crew and I can look forward to a Summer filled with treasure hunts, wild goose chases, and buried treasures…

How to make a map pillow

How to make a map pillow

How to make a map pillow

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!