V-Neck TShirt DIY
The V-Neck T Shirt is a basic staple in every person’s wardrobe, and Farrah of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here today showing us just how easy it is to sew one up!  Unlike sewing a regular circular neck tee, that front little ‘vee’ can be tricky.  But Farrah has a great technique to help you on your way! Turn any regular T Shirt pattern into a V-Neck in no time, a V-Neck Sewing Tutorial.

How to Sew a V-Neck Shirt

V-Neck T Shirt DIY 2
Its Kids Clothes Week and I’m sewing up a few summer essentials for my kids!  T shirts are at the top of my must sew list. V neck tees in particular. Because they are not always available in retail stores,  I did what any other momma would do … make him a couple (or five).  I  found this cool neon green and heather grey striped knit fabric and knew I had to make my Sunny a V neck tee shirt out of it.

Whether you are using your favorite basic t shirt pattern or refashioning a crew neck tee, follow these easy steps to make your own V neck Tee shirt!


If you are using a pattern, cut out all of your pattern pieces, except for the neckband/ribbing.

 photo mingoandgrace2_zpsed6398eb.jpg

Measure how deep you want the V neck to be. Add ¾inch to that measurement, then make a small marking on the center front shirt. Draw a line from the shoulder seam to that marking. You should have a V neck. 

 photo teeshirt_zps22517f95.jpg
To prepare the ribbing:
Measure the neck opening.

Width: Decide how wide you want the ribbing to be. 3/4 inch is pretty standard for tee shirts. For a ribbing with a finished width of 3/4 inch, it would need to be 2 inches wide (3/4  + 1/4 seam allowance = 1 inch x 2). 

Length: The length of the ribbing is dependent on how stretchy the ribbing is. I normally cut 2/3 of the neck opening measurement if the ribbing is “super stretchy” and 3/4 of the neck measurement if the ribbing in “not that stretchy”. Use your own judgement when deciding whether or not to round up or down.

(My neck opening is 17 inches, so I cut  a piece of ribbing 12 inches long and 2 inches wide.)

Fold the ribbing in half. Press. Then overlap the neckband/ribbing (right over left or left over right).

 photo mingoandgrace3_zps15e04153.jpg
Stay stitch the ribbing in place.  I used 1/4 inch since I will be sewing the t shirt on a serger. This stay stitch will also serve as your seam allowance guide.

 photo mingoandgrace18_zps2b533a22.jpg

Attach the front and back shirt pieces together at  the shoulder seams.

Add a stay stitch around the V neck line. Try not to stretch the fabric.

 photo mingoandgrace111_zpsb6b19c2a.jpg

Snip the V as close to the stay stitch without sniping the stitch. (This is kind of important.)

 photo mingoandgrace5_zps32486e45.jpg
With right sides together, match  up the center point of the ribbing with the snip that was made in the V, pin in place.  You should notice an X formed with the stay stitches.

 photo mingoandgrace1_zpsd6a1a12f.jpg
Drop the needle in the center of the newly formed X.

 photo mingoandgrace7_zps9f7bc13d.jpg

Pivot the fabric so that the ribbing is laying on top of the shirt. Sew about an inch. Return to the center.  Sew about an inch in the opposite direction.

 photo mingoandgrace8_zpsbb30b88e.jpg

I like to sew in the V first to make sure its laying centered and flat.

 photo c1b79bac-7f04-4c16-ba72-4437a3bd30cb_zps3d5285d2.jpg
Don’t worry about the exposed stay stitches, you can pick them out later.  Once you are happy with the way the V looks, pin the center back ribbing to the center back neck and sew the remainder of the ribbing around the neckline stretching the ribbing as you go.
 photo mingoandgrace9_zps56e534f9.jpg
Attached the sleeves. This would be a good time to hem the sleeves (use a twin needle for a finished look).
 photo mingoandgrace10_zps1e506cbe.jpg
Attach the front and back shirt together at the side seams.
 photo mingoandgrace117_zpsb8b3f288.jpg
Hem the bottom of the shirt.
 photo mingoandgrace11_zps0fb21b26.jpg
We’re finished!
 photo mingoandgrace13_zps4ea865a8.jpg
 photo mingoandgrace14_zpsb425c643.jpg
 photo mingoandgrace15_zps38e0d177.jpg
Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…
Happy Sewing!