Mie from the Sewing Rabbit team is here today with some fabulous tips for us gals who love to sew with our serger!  She has shown me a whole new way to not only re-thread my machine, but also a trick for seam ripping a mistake! I am so in love…

Tips for Sewing with your Serger.

Re-threading your Serger, and unpicking a Serger stitch – the easy way.  

How to Re-thread your Serger, the Easy Way  ||  sewingrabbit.com

Today we have a post with information that, if you did not already knew, is going to change the way you look at and work with your serger.

This post is inspired by many of you actually. I obviously read a lot of sewing blogs and so many times have I seen statements like ‘I could not be asked to change the thread color on my serger’ or ‘I simply cut a new item because unpicking my serger seam is too much trouble’. And every time I thought hmmmm, I wonder if they know these tricks?

Tip No. ONE

Unpick Your Serger Seams, the easy way  ||  sewingrabbit.com

After asking around, it also seemed as though many people didn’t know there was an easy way of seam-ripping those serged seams. Did you know there was a single thread you could pull, that would make it all come apart?! Let me show you…

Tip No. TWO


Yup, it really is that simple!

Now that your serger is going to be your new best friend you are obviously dying to use it, right!

So jump over to Sewing Like Mad’s blog and find a pattern drafting (or more like an alteration) tutorial on how you can change a leggings pattern into these super comfortable and easy knit slouchy pants, with a few simple steps .


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!