I was recently contacted by a popular purse magazine asking me to show off what was in my bag…and referenced this post by A Beautiful Mess as an example.  What a fun concept!

So here is what’s in my bag today…


I am currently sporting a tan purse by Target, at $30 you can’t beat it. And with the weather having been so cool this Summer, I typically carry a wrap of some sort – coral this particular day, my latest color obsession.  I had some FEED necklaces floating around in the bottom of my purse, Feed is an awesome charity that helps feed the hungry. My handmade doily kiss clutch business card holder, little tan leather circle card holder DIY (never blogged about), iPhone with case from Society6 that The Train to Crazy designed, inhaler (yes, I am asthmatic), Kleenex (always), $5 Sunglasses from Wet Seal (my favorite buy of the season), handmade Key-chain gifted by Jess of CINO, lip balms, concealer, lip gloss, Dreft, Franco Sarto blue Wallet, and my handmade fold over leather accent clutch gifted by Cherie of You and Mie (Tutorial).



I admit, I did throw away an old swim diaper before snapping the photos. Gross. There is always something random, isn’t there?

So tell me – what’s random in your bag right now?

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!


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