10 Things to do with a Scarf - easy DIY tutorials and ideas

I have a confession.  I am addicted to scarves.

I kid you not, when I see a pretty scarf at the store I just cant help myself. They are the perfect accessory in my opinion! Throw one on, and it instantly adds color to any wardrobe. It can brighten up your face, turn a humdrum outfit into something fabulous, and hide all sort of problem areas. Not to mention that it is an instant hand wipe for my kids when I am out of napkins.

I love scarves!

So for a bit of fun today, I thought I would show some fun things you can do with these awesome accessories.

10 Things To Do With a Scarf

10 Things to do with a Scarf - Easy DIY and ideas

1. Turn it into a Maxi Skirt

Scarf upcycled into Maxi Skirt - 10 Things to do with a Scarf

Upcycle that scarf that you no longer wear, and turn it into a maxi skirt. Extra wide lightweight scarves, with a lot of movement work great for this! I simply put some tights on underneath, and go!

How to turn a scarf into a maxi skirt:


  1. Materials: (1) Very large fashion scarf, 2″ Thick elastic, basic sewing essentials
  2. Fold skirt in half and cut in the middle. Put (2) skirt halves right sides together and sew up sides.
  3. Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of your skirt (the cut edge.). Gather until it is approximately 7-10″ larger than your waist. Cut a piece of elastic that is about 2″ smaller than your waist. Sew the cut edges together at the ends. Sew elastic seam down.
  4. Attach the bottom of your elastic to the top of your gathered skirt edge, with skirt edge along the inside of the elastic.  Pin in various places around the bottom. Sew using a long straight stitch, pulling the elastic as you go around. And you are finished!
2. Turn your Scarf into a Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag DIY - 10 Things to do with a Scarf

All you need is 2 simple seams to turn a basic scarf into a Hobo Bag. I love this classic style, especially for my more basic print scarves. The beginner seamstress can easily make this!

How to turn a scarf into a Hobo Bag:

Scarf into Hobo Bag - 10 Things to do with a Scarf

Materials: Scarf, basic sewing essentials

  1. Fold scarf in half, and knot the ends together.
  2. Sew both side edges from the bottom fold, up about halfway (halfway from the bottom edge to the top knot). And you are finished!
3. Scarves Make a Great Fort

Scarves can make a great Reading Nook - 10 Things to do with Scarves, for the scarf obsessed

Find a low lying branch and drape a bunch of scarves over it…instant fort! This reading nook is absolutely adorable, and perfect for photoshoots!

4. Scarves Make Great Bag Handles

Scarves make great bag handles - 10 Things to do with a Scarf

Use those infinity scarves as purse handles for any DIY bag.

How to make a Scarf Bag:

Scarf Bag - 10 Things to do with Scarves

  1.  Materials: Heavyweight fabric, (1) Infinity Scarf.
  2. Sew the basic tote bag, without the handles. The basic pocket tote is a great starting point to give you the body of a bag. You just want the length of your tote to be shorter than the infinity scarf when folded in half.
  3. Fold your infinity scarf in half and wrap around the bottom of the tote. Sew around, or in strategic places like where the scarf meets the top of each bag, and you are finished!
5. Scarves Make a Great Photobooth Backdrop

Photobooth Backdrop - Scarves  ||  10 Things you can do with Scarves

Hang all of the scarves up on a tension rod, and you have an instant Photobooth Backdrop! Perfect for every party, and it instantly sets the mood for fun!

6. Scarves Make Great Faux Vests

Scarves make a great faux Vest = 10 Things to do with Scarves

Simply wrap your fashion scarf around your neck, add a belt, and GO!

7. Scarves Make Great Gift Wrapping

Scarves make great Gift Wrapping ||  10 Things to do with Scarves

Say thank you with style! It’s a present, wrapped in a present! Wrap up a bottle of wine, a plate of cookies, a casserole. You name it, a scarf can wrap around it. And we all know, everyone loves a good scarf!

8. Scarves Make a Great Purse Accessory

Scarf Purse Accessory  || 10 Things you can do with Scarves

When I want to add a dash of color, but it is too warm outside to wrap a scarf around my neck – I simply tie it on my purse!  It instantly adds color, and then I always have a scarf for when I need it. Like going to the movies, children’s museum, or mall. Places where they pump the AC like crazy.

9. Holiday Decorations

Scarf Christmas Trees  ||  10 things you can do with a scarf

Have some fun festive colored scarves? (We all know you do). Turn them into fun holiday decorations! Whether you make fun little faux Christmas trees like the ones above, or simply drape them around the house banner style! It’s easy, costs next to nothing, and adds holiday decor to your home!

10. Channel Your Inner Audrey

Channel your inner Audrey  ||  10 Things to do with Scarves

Looking for a fun and easy last minute Halloween costume? Throw on a scarf and channel your inner Audrey. This iconic look will be easily recognizable, and you will feel like a fashion icon.

And there you have it!

I hope you had as much fun as we did going through this list. And please tell me I am not alone in my obsession. Does your closet look like that scene from 27 dresses, the one that doesn’t close? Mine is….close.

10 Things to do with a Scarf, DIY Upcycles and Styling

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!