Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf

Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf - How To

The quick and easy infinity scarf is a fabulous way to add some style and flair to your outfit, all in under 5 minutes! With just one sewn seam, and a little bit of your favorite fashion knit fabric, you will be on your way to a fun fashion accessory in no time. Alida of Alida Makes is here showing just how easy this Infinity Scarf is to make…

How to Sew a Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf

Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf - How to

Hey y’all!  Thanks for having me!  Today I’m going to share a super easy project with you, so easy that it only takes 5 minutes!
First, cut a 12″ strip of circle fabric (I got mine at Joann).   The width will be whatever the width the fabric is, I think it was around 54″.
Trim the fabric so that both short sides have 1/2″ of tulle showing.

Pin the short sides right sides together, and sew (or hot glue!).  I used white thread here so you could see the seam, but I recommend using a color that will blend in better :-).

And well, that’s it!  I’m thinking this project will be perfect for those last minute Christmas gifts!  (Only 68 days left…)  Please come visit me at Alida Makes for more easy and fast tutorials!
Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…
Happy Sewing!



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  1. SONJA H. HANSEN says

    What a stunning scarf! I must make some for my granddaughters for Christmas. I do have one question: How did you finish the long edges of the scarf or do they do just fine unfinished?

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Jess says

      Hi Sonja – because the fabric is a simple knit / tulle – you don’t need to worry about finishing the edges. They will not fray. If you are using a basic cotton, that you will want to finish the edges, and possibly line it as well.

      Thanks so much!

  2. Shawna Ward says

    Just had to let you know…. I made this before work this morning and wore it. Tons of compliments on the scarf. I almost felt guilty accepting them with how easy it was. Thanks for the idea. Seen lots of other potential scarf material there too

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