Easy Reversible Bib – Sewing Tutorial

Looking for the perfect, easy baby gift to make? Elisa of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here with a fabulous sewing tutorial for a reversible bib with free pattern, that doubles as a burp cloth! Perfect for that little handmade baby Christmas gift, baby shower gift, and more!  (Want more handmade gift ideas?  Be sure to check out CharmingDoodle’s patterns. They’re on sale through December 4th for a crazy low price…including the crazy-amazing-soon-to-be-released Knight Hoodie!)

Easy Reversible Bib – Sewing Tutorial with Free Pattern

Let’s face it. Babies drool. Especially while their tiny teeth are popping through. During the teething stage my kids constantly wore bibs because it was easier to change a bib several times a day than go through four or five clean shirts! My niece, Audrey, is in the midst of teething so I made this fun bib for her. On one side I even added a sweet little peter pan collar and will show you how to make this bib as an easy baby gift for the holidays or baby showers.

Knit bibs that double as burp cloths are the best! When holding the baby, you just let the bib/burp cloth hang over your shoulder and it’ll keep your clothes drool free.

Materials needed:

  • Pattern (download it here)
  • Two pieces of knit fabric
  • Ribbing
  • Bias tape
  • Fabric for the peter pan collar (quilting cotton works great for this)

First download the template, tape the two pages together, and cut it out. Then use the notes printed on the pattern pages to cut the fabric you need.

Cut a strip of ribbing 12.5″ long and 1.5″ wide. Fold it in half right sides together and sew it along the short edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance (making a circle out of your ribbing). Set aside.

To add a peter pan collar (skip this step if you don’t want a collar): place two collar pieces right sides together and sew the curved edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving the top open. Clip curves. Turn and press. Repeat with the other collar piece.

Place collar pieces together on the right side of the main panel you want them to be on, centering the pieces at the lower edge of the neck hole. Baste the pieces in place.

Place your ribbing seam at the center back of the neck hole and pin around the neckline (right sides facing).

Zig zag or serge around the ribbing with a 1/4″ seam allowance stretching the ribbing slightly as you sew.

You will now have one main panel with the ribbing attached. Place the second main fabric panel right sides together on top of the first. Pin ribbing right sides together with the main fabric and zig zag or serge it in place.

Turn the bib right sides out and press.

Begin pinning your bias tape at the back of the neck and pin it all the way around the bib. Sew in place, being sure to catch the front and back of the bias tape in your stitch.

You are done!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Melinda says

    What sort of clips are you using instead of pins? I’m intrigued….
    Also, am I missing a printer friendly version of instructions?
    Thanks for an adorable pattern.

    • says

      Melinda, great questions! The instructions are in this post so you can pin or bookmark it for future reference. The pattern itself can be downloaded from a link within the post for printing. The clips are so fun! I rarely use pins because I just love the clips. Type ‘sewing clips’ into Amazon or look for them at Joann Fabrics. I highly recommend them!

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