Upcycled Hat & Scarf DIY

Upcycled Hat & Scarf DIY

I absolutely adore the upcycled Hat and Scarf DIY Celina of the Sewing Rabbit Team has for us today. Not only does it recycle those old sweaters, but it also allows us to showcase a little bit of our favorite fabric! And anything with a pom on it is alright in my book – ha! This easy sewing DIY is perfect for keeping little heads and necks warm in the winter, and you will love giving those old sweaters new life.

Upcycled Hat & Scarf DIY

I am a little emotional as I write this post, since it’s my last tutorial as part of the Sewing Rabbit team. I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed coming here every month and sharing some fun idea and DIY’s with you all. I can’t thank Jess enough for giving me such a great and amazing opportunity- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

All right, so let’s get on with this tutorial shall we? Today I will show you how to recycle a sweater into a hat and matching scarf for anyone in your family. You might even be able to make 2 from one large sweater.

You will also have the option of adding one or even 2 pompoms for some extra cuteness factor. All in all, here is the base and it is up to you to have fun with it!

Gather all your supplies and let’s get started…


Grab your sweater- the larger and the softer the better. Lay it flat, making sure your front and back hems are well aligned. Now grab a hat you love and turn it inside out. Lay it right on the edge of your sweater at the hem.


You want to cut around your hat. HOWEVER, you want to make it 0.5 inches wider on each side at the top of  your original ( see dotted lines for reference in step 1).

You can also cut out your scarf. I made mine 3.5 inches wide and as long as the sweater allowed. I only cut the sweater at one end of the scarf on the lower scarf ( so I don’t need to sew the front and back together).

*** If you are only making one set of hat and scarf, then you can cut out 2 extra pieces and sew them together for a longer scarf.



Fold your hat in two- right sides facing. You will sew a dart at the centre of your hat on both front and back pieces. Sew at 0.5 inches to nothing and make your dart approximately 2.5 inches long. You can use a pin to determine the length.


Put both front and back pieces of your hat right sides together and sew all around at 0.5 inches form the edge. Then zigzag or overlock to avoid the edges from unraveling. Turn inside out. Iron your seams.


Cut some jersey knit the same length as the scarf pieces you cut from your sweater.

*** If your scarf pieces are in multiple pieces, sew them together first and iron open your seams.


Place the scarf pieces, right sides facing together and sew all around at o.5 inches from the edge. Leave a small opening approximately 2 inches. Turn inside out and sew close the opening preferably by hand. Iron down your seams.

There you have a Hat and Scarf set for him and her.

I added a few pompoms for some fun. 1 large one for my son made with some bulky wool and a large pompom maker. For my daughter, I made 2 pompoms with some medium weight yarn and a medium size pompom maker. I then sewed them onto the hats, making sure I catch the middle yarn of the pompom and securing it tightly.

It is really that simple. If you find your sweater to be itchy, you can always add some polar fleece or even just some knit jersey on the inside of the hat to make it more comfortable.


My kids had fun wearing their new hats and scarf. We went luging at the park near our house. We are lucky to have a small hill, perfect for sliding down. We also have an outdoor ice skating ring and a lot of white space to play in and build hundreds of snowman!

Making snow angels is always a favorite!

And here we go! It isn’t always warm enough to go out for long, so when the weather permits it, we jump on the occasion. This year we’ve had a few snow storms already, looks like we will have plenty of snow for the months to come. So you can imagine that we can never have too many hats and scarves !


Thank you all for reading my tutorials and leaving such warm and encouraging comments. I will miss you! Wishing you all a very HAPPY and WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!

Happy Sewing!


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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as SewSet.com, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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    • says

      Celina was an incredible part of the 2013 team – and will be sorely missed. But we will be introducing the new 2014 team hopefully later on this week!!! And of course, you can always continue to find Celina on her own blog Petit a Petit :)

  1. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says

    Wow, look at all that snow! Evelyn asked me today where we should go to get snow….I guess my answer Canada was right ;-)
    You are right….you can never have too make hats and scarfs and these are cute ones indeed! How clever to use old sweaters.

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