Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

In today’s post…everything is awesome.

Tara of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here with such a fun sewing tutorial that your little ones will L-O-V-E! Lego bow ties and Lego hair bows. I mean, come on. What little kid won’t flip for these accessories?!  Perfect for the modern Easter bow, or just to make your little one smile the next time they are dressing up! These Lego bows will be the first dress up bow-tie that your child will not be trying to rip off his neck.

Lego Bows and Bow Ties DIY

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Hi everyone! This is Tara from Girl Like The Sea and I’ve got a really FUN project for you today. Some dressy accessories that you can customize as many ways as your Lego stash will allow. YES, Lego all the bows!

With Easter on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to whip out some easy, fun, accessories that your kids will love. This is a quick and easy project that your kids will probably hone in on and then hover around you excitedly till you’re done. You’ll be shrieking “Not till the glue is dry, crazies!”.

Did you know: The plural of Lego is……Lego! I still find it socially awkward to refer to playing with my Lego though, so we’ll stick with the widely, incorrectly used, “Legos” here.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties


Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

What you’ll need

  • Depending on what kind of bow: Felt, heavy woven, or lightweight woven + interfacing
  • Velcro
  • Small, flat Legos
  • Hot glue or e6000
  • Headband for hair version

Beginning with the felt bow tie:

This was made for my 7 month old son. If you want a bigger looking bow, then just adjust size of your bow piece accordingly. The neck piece is based on the child’s neck circumference (is that the right math term?)

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Cut a piece of felt 1.25″ tall and 12″ long. Make one tip into a point

//Cut neck strap from a heavy woven fabric (I used uncut corduroy here) or a lighter weight with interfacing for sturdiness. Measure your child’s neck and add 3″ to that for your neck strap length

//Skinny piece of felt 3/8″ wide and 3″ long

//Plug in your glue gun

GLUE TIP: I found that the e6000 glue works well on felt and wovens, but better on wovens. The hot glue seemed to be a bit more trustworthy on the felt. That being said, I’m a hot glue hater. I avoid it whenever possible. There’s never been a time where I didn’t burn the heck out of a finger or get really grossed out by all the nasty webby strings that come floating out of my project at me. Bleugh. Still. The hot glue DID work well for me.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Fold your felt like the picture above. Leave some triangle tip hanging off the end if you like. It’s up to you!

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Get your hand sewing skills out from the back of the drawer and tack the center of your bow together

//Glue one end of your skinny felt to the back of the bow, OR hand sew it on. I like the look of sewn better. No gross webs all over the place.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Make your neckband by folding in half right sides together

//Sew down one short side and across the long raw edge with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance. Don’t forget to leave one short end unsewn! Trim your seam allowance down a bit if you’re using very stiff fabric, and clip the corner close to the stitching, but not through

//Now turn your tube right side out while cursing your decision to make such a skinny tube with such stiff fabric, consider giving up, plug on and then remind yourself that you never doubted yourself for a second.

//Poke the corners with a knitting needle or chopstick. Press with the iron, turning the raw end under 1/4″ and sew that shut.

//Sew velcro onto the ends of the neck strap (I totally forgot to photograph this, but you’re smart. You can figure this out…just don’t tell and get me in trouble)

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Grab your bow again, place it over the middle of the neckband and wrap the skinny piece, enclosing the neck strap against the bow. Glue or sew shut. You could also just sew or glue the bow onto the neck strap, but this way does leave you the option of sliding the strap out or adjusting the position of the bow.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Now for an abrupt end to the shots of me making a bow tie, and the addition of the hair bow instructions, complete with a random non-felt bow. Sorry about that. I made several versions of these, one of which was the girl version with a corduroy bow. My kids LOST THE BOW while I was setting up for photos with them (insert Psycho soundtrack music and my angry face). But just pretend that I’m gluing Legos to the bow tie, and that I was ambitious enough to photograph the making of the bow tie AND the hair bow.

Tip: I recommend marking the spot for the Lego on your bow before gluing

Another Tip: Use the shallow/flat Legos, rather than the more common taller ones. This is just a base to add other things on top of so you or your little one can customize the Lego accessories

// Place glue on the bow and inside the bottom of the Lego, filling up the empty space but not gooshing it out too much farther. Yes, gooshing!

//Caaaaaarefully place your Lego in the right spot, settling it down firmly and not sliding it around. If any glue seeps out from the sides, just use a piece of cardstock or anything scrapey and try to clean it up the best you can. I’m an amateur hot gluer because I hate it so much, and I managed to make this somewhat ok looking, so I’m sure everyone can do it.

//Stand back and admire the glory of your work

Rather shoddy instructions for making a woven bow on a headband

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

//Using either a heavy weight woven fabric (I used uncut corduroy) or lighter weight with interfacing, cut a 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangle for your bow

//Cut a small tube of your fabric 1″ x 3″

//Sew right sides together with scant 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving one short end open. Clip the corners

//Turn right side out, poke corners out with a blunt weapon, and press the raw edge under 1/4″

//sew end shut

//Sew your tiny tube right sides together just on the long edge with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance. Use whatever means necessary to turn it right side out, and press

//Hand sew the bow in the “M” shape you can vaguely see above in the photo (In half lengthwise, and then tucking the ends back down on top of the fold)

//Hand sew or glue the small tube around the bow

//Glue that bad boy onto the headband

Tip: try the band on your child first to find the best place to put the bow

Some final notes and then a barrage of cute photos

You can mix and match these versions of the bows. Put a woven bow on the bow tie, felt on the headband etc. But the real fun is in mixing up the Legos that you attach to your “dock” on the bow itself. And you guys…..you can add Legos to so many other things! Ok do you want to see what I did with mine?

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

You can use little studs to make different splashes of color

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Or you can start going kinda wackadoodle with your minifig props and feverishly begin attaching them while laughing maniacally and your kids run around yelling things like “Mama, why is the Lego chicken on the bow!”

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

As an aside, this glorious herringbone tie is actually made with the approximate dimensions as the felt tie, just doubled in height and sewn right sides together. I tried various options for the ties before settling on what I thought was most functional. But this one is accordion folded like the felt version in case you were wondering. I think it would also look nice done in the way I did the corduroy hair bow.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

The point at which I began staging scenes like the one above was when I realized this project was actually for me and not for my kids. Admiral Ackbar just happened to stroll up and grab a cup of joe off my bow tie. Yes, it did happen. And no, it was not a trap.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

The woven hair bow didn’t make it into the shoot because the girl who got kicked out of the photo shoot lost it by putting it in a lunch box and then forgetting where she stashed it.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

HOW CUTE IS THIS? Sorry, I know we’re all extra crazy for our kids. But this is cute.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Professor Hawthorne is in the building.  He says to suit up.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

The queue for marriage proposals starts to the left.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

Another side note, this tie was actually made by gluing it onto a hair clip. While I like this way, it limits you to using it on button down shirts.

Dress Up With Lego - Lego Bows & Bow Ties

The ladies WILL attack a boy dressed in a Lego bow tie. Yep. Chick magnet.

***Please note – never leave a baby unsupervised with Lego. They may present a choking hazard if left unattended. Lego’s are meant for children ages 4+.


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Happy Sewing!