Jack and Jill…and a Sneak Peek

Jack & Jill Pattern

Can you believe how big Chloe is getting? I swear, I took these photos and immediately reeled when I opened them up to edit them. She just looks so grown up here! I can’t take it!!!  Is my baby really going to be 8 this year?  Yikes.

Last week I had the opportunity to sew up the Jack & Jill shirt pattern by Peaches & Peanuts patterns, as part of the Pattern Member site for the month of April. It was a great shirt to work with, having many different options for varying and switching up the pattern to achieve your ultimate look. Whether it be switching out the collar, sleeve, pocket, or more – the Jack & Jill shirt has them all. Plus it is made for older kids!  I upcycled an old button-down shirt that I never wore to make this version for Chloe, using the Peaches & Peanuts pattern pieces for my template – and I love the way it turned out. I will definitely be keeping this pattern on hand for my kids as they grow, as it will be great for Ben when he gets bigger too!

Jack & Jill Pattern

You can get this pattern for the next 3 days on the Pattern Member site as part of the April monthly bundle, or directly from Shannon at Peaches & Peanuts patterns HERE.  It was a lot of fun to work with.

Now for the Sneak Peek…

We have been working h-a-r-d behind the scenes at Pattern Member for the upcoming May patterns, and I cannot wait to share them with you!!!  Here is just a little something that I just HAD to share, eek!

Stepford Dress - Sneak Peek

Stepford Dress – Sneak Peek – *PATTERN MEMBER EXCLUSIVE*

Tilly Skirt - Sneak Peek

Tilly Skirt – Sneak Peek, Sewn by: Damsels & Dragons - *PATTERN MEMBER LAUNCH*

Sidekick Suitcase - Sneak Peek

Sidekick Suitcase – Sneak Peek, Sewn by: Better off Thread – *PATTERN MEMBER FAVORITE*

We have some exclusive patterns for May, some being launched with us, and some oldie but goodie pattern favorites! I cannot wait to share and sew them all!  

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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    oh wow!! love that pink shirt!! the pockets are so pretty!!! and I am feeling in love with the next patterns! can’t wait! I am happy I will finally have tipe to play with them!!

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