I love little belts for kids, especially when you make it FUN. RaeAnna of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here today with an awesome tutorial, that will have every little kid excited to wear their belts! Introducing Velcro belts with interchangeable felt belt buckles. This is so much fun!!!  You can customize them to suit your child’s taste, making them the perfect handmade kids gift. See how she does it…

Velcro Belt and Interchangeable Belt Buckle DIY

I’ve been meaning to make a velcro belt for my son for quite a while now!  My kids are long and skinny so when I am not sewing their pants, I usually have to make sure they have a belt or adjustable waists on store bought pants!

This fun craft tutorial will teach you how to make your own velcro belt for easy on/off and there’s an added fun tutorial at the bottom for interchangeable felt belt buckles!

Belt Tutorial

Materials needed:

  • Medium-heavy weight woven material.  (Suggested fabrics: denim, duck cloth, twill.)
  • Various colors of thread
  • Velcro

Let’s get started!

Step 1.

Cut two strips of fabric using the measurement guide below.

  • Size 2/3 – 29″x1.5″
  • Size 4/5 – 31″x1.5″
  • Size 6/7 – 34″x1.5″

Press each long end 1/4″ toward the wrong side.

Step 2.

Lay one strip on top of the other wrong sides facing and pin in place.  If you are using a light weight woven fabric you could probably create a “tube” and sew right sides together and turn out.  Turning a long tube from heavier fabric would be a difficult task.  Stitch in place along the top and bottom of the strips.

Step 3. (optional)

Use several colors of thread to create a fun texture on your belt!  I mixed and matched with the top thread and the bobbin thread to make the belt really colorful!  You could also experiment with different types of stitches; zigzag, straight, decorative, etc.

Step 4:

Fold one raw edge over and stitch in place.

Step 5:

Cut 2 pieces of velcro and place on your belt as pictured.  The soft side will go over the short raw edge.  The bumpy piece will go 1.5″ to the left.  This will allow the belt to fasten around the side belt loop.

Step 6.

Cut a strip of soft velcro about 3 inches long and pin in place about 1-2″ to the left of the small bumpy velcro piece.  Sew in place.

Step 7.

Turn the other raw edge over and stitch in place.  Cut a small bumpy piece of velcro and stitch in place over the raw edge.

You’re finished!

The small loop fastens to the side belt loop and then you will overlap the belt and fasten in place along the strip of velcro.

This makes it so easy for children to undo by themselves!

Now, for the fun interchangeable belt buckle!

Materials needed:

  • Colored craft felt (heat safe for ironing)
  • Heat transfer vinyl scraps (I bought mine from a Pick Your Plum deal but you can find it at your local craft store or online)
  • Printable template (download here)
  • Velcro

I hope you have fun with this tutorial!  I’m planning on making a girly version for my daughter with some sequin material!  And I’m thinking a Minnie Mouse belt buckle will make her day!

(A few more pictures of my cute little buddy boy!  The t-shirt is handmade by mama!  The knit stripe was on clearance at $2.50 a yard! Yay!  Pattern is the Cupcake Top without a pocket – which you can find in my shop!)  And of course, you can always find me sewing up a storm on Sewing Mama RaeAnna!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!