Pencil skirts are always something I tend to stay away from, this curvy gal knows what looks good…and what doesn’t on her body. Lol. So when Delia of Delia Creates asked me to be a part of her Pencil Skirt Tour, I decided to take the challenge to heart, and really make something that I knew would look GOOD on me.  Which meant figuring out how to add a tummy control panel.

How to Add a Tummy Control Panel – Sewing DIY

How to add a Tummy Control Panel into a Pencil Skirt - sewing DIY

I have always thought of pencil skirts as something that looks good on two different body types:

  1. Thin young hot mommas
  2. Curvy gals without a belly (aka – Kim Kardashian – lol)

Not a Momma with 3 young kids that has a belly to prove it. So after doing a bunch of research on tummy control panels, and coming up empty handed for the tutorial. I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Let’s make these pencil skirts look good on the rest of us, shall we?

How to add a Tummy Control Panel - Pencil Skirt DIY


*Please note – this tutorial will be omitting the lining. You can certainly make the skirt with the lining for a cleaner inside finish. This tutorial will show you how to attach the power mesh, with the power mesh showing.


Step 1: Cut out all exterior pattern pieces as instructed in the Pencil Skirt Pattern. Sew the kick pleat or vent as instructed, and the darts.  Once you have cut out the pattern pieces for your skirt, we will now alter the pattern slightly to cut out the Tummy Control Panels from the Power Mesh.


Step 2: If using Delia’s Pencil Skirt Pattern, cut off the Kick Pleat at the Kick Pleat line. Furthermore, cut off anywhere from 5 – 8″ from the bottom hem.  You want the tummy control to fall underneath your hips, so that it will not ride up when walking.


Step 3: Cut off 1 size from the outer side seam. You do not want to go too far down in sizes in the power mesh, otherwise it will pull funny. One size is sufficient.


Step 4: Cut (1) front and (1) Back Tummy Control panel piece with your new pattern. Make sure to use pattern weights when cutting, as the power mesh tends to be slippery. (Like my weights? Lol – yeah, I have been meaning to rectify that).


Step 5: Sew the darts on both the front and back panels, sewing very carefully and using a lot of pins so that the slippery power mesh doesn’t shift when sewing.

Place power mesh front and back right sides together, and sew ONE side seam. Make sure it is the same side seam that you sewed on your front and back pencil skirt pattern as following the Delia Create’s Pencil Skirt Pattern.


Step 6: Lay your power mesh inside of your skirt, wrong sides together, matching up the upper raw edges. Your power mesh will be a little bit shorter than your skirt at the sides.


Step 7: Pull the power mesh so that the side seams are lined up, and baste stitch the outer side seams together to hold in place. Baste stitch the waist together as well, stretching the power mesh as you sew, making sure to line up the side seams.


Step 8: Sew your waistband together at one side seam, as instructed in the pencil skirt pattern. Repeat for both the lining waistband and the exterior. Place your lining and exterior waistband right sides together, pin and sew the top edge.


Step 9: Fold the waist band wrong sides together, and press upper seam. Finish the side edges and the lining bottom edge.


Step 10: Place the exterior waistband along the top edge of the exterior skirt, right sides together. Pin and sew. Press seam up.


Step 11: Take your zipper, and match up the top edge (where the plastic stopper is) with the top seam of the waistband. Place the zipper right sides together with one side seam of your skirt, so that the zipper teeth are on top of the skirt. See photo above.


(Close up of the top of the zipper and the waistband of the skirt.)

Step 12: Pin the zipper to the skirt, and sew using a zipper foot.


Step 13: Fold the other half of the skirt over, and sew the other side of the zipper right sides together with the other side of the skirt.

For further clarification on sewing the zipper, please refer to the Delia Creates Pencil Skirt Instructions. Please note, we are using the power mesh with it attached to the Exterior Skirt, not as a separate lining with the zipper in between.


Step 14: Sew up the bottom side of the skirt up to the bottom of the zipper.


Step 15: Fold down the waistband lining towards the inside, folding in the side seams enclosing the upper edge of the zipper. Pin and sew. Whipstitch the bottom edge of the waistband lining all around to secure.


Hem the bottom exterior of your skirt as instructed, and you are finished!

You now have a rockin pencil skirt, that you will look and feel awesome in!  Rock on Momma, we all know you love your baby belly – its what gives you your awesome warrior status. But sometimes, you just want to feel like the svelte lioness that you are.

How to add a Tummy Control Panel - Pencil Skirt DIY

How to add a Tummy Control Panel - Pencil Skirt DIY

Thank you so much to Delia for letting me play with your awesome new Pencil Skirt Pattern! It fits like a dream, and I cannot wait to sew up many more of them. Especially after seeing my husband’s eyes when I asked him to take these photos of me. Its always good to have the perfect date night outfit after all :).

Be sure to check out the Pencil Skirt Pattern in all its glory HERE. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

how to sew a tummy control panel


How to add a Tummy Control Panel - Pencil Skirt DIY