Have you started sewing the back to school wardrobe yet? Well, get out your number 2 pencils and try this cheeky little number by RaeAnna of the Sewing Rabbit Team! Her pieced pencil panel DIY is the cutest hem I have seen on any dress, and will have your little one ready for school in no time.  Apply the pieced pencil panel on a dress, T Shirt, or even the hems of your little one’s pants! It would look awesome on both boy and girl clothing, and help them get in the spirit of writing their ABC’s. I love it!

Pieced Pencil Panel Tutorial

Pencil Dress DIY

Summer is almost over!!! Here in the south we start pretty early since summer vacation begins mid May when the weather is warming up! August is still really warm so making a back to school outfit that is also kind of summery is the best option! I’ve had in my mind to make a themed colorblock dress ever since seeing one in the store that had a bottom panel colorblocked to resemble an American Flag. My brainstorming eventually led to doing a pencil! Piecing it on the primary line print fabric (Bungle Jungle by Moda) I now have a perfect dress for Eva Mae’s first day in the 2 year old class at preschool!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1

Cut out your pattern dress front and decide how tall you want your panel. I cut out the dress size 2 and modified it by cutting off about 1/3 of the dress length at the bottom. Mark with a pencil at the cut lines where you will need to add extra seam allowance.

You will also cut about 1/3 of the bottom panel to provide the pattern piece for the 3 colorblocking sections. The piece along the fold line will be the middle yellow. The sides will be for the pink and the pencil point.

Pencil dress 1

When cutting out the fabric, use a measuring tape to measure 1/2″ along the seam allowance edges. Cut the yellow pencil piece against the fold line. Cut the pink eraser piece from the end.

Pencil dress 2

Take the end section now and cut again for your pencil point pattern pieces (YES! I love alliteration!!!)

Make sure to add the seam allowance for each piece. I chose to make the bottom and top of the point in the same fabric as the dress and the point in a light brown. The only thing I did not think of was to maybe add one more section to look like a dark gray point for the lead.

Pencil dress 3

Step 2

Add contrasting stitching across the yellow section of the pencil. I also marked what part is top and what part is bottom with a water soluble marker since there is a little bit of a curve to the pattern pieces.

Pencil dress 4

Step 3

Taking the three pencil point pieces, sew each section right sides together and then finish and press the seams. This is the view of the back. Trim any excess seam allowance.

Pencil dress 5

Step 4

Sew the pencil point to the yellow section with right sides together. Repeat with the pink block. Finish the seams on each piece and press the seams to one side.

Pencil dress 6

Step 5

Add the section to the bottom of your dress front and finish the construction as noted in your pattern directions!  To complete the look for Eva Mae, I ordered a chunky necklace with a pencil charm and made a pair of ruffle pants and a hair bow!


She will look so cute on her first day of school!



I love how the Sunny Dress by sewVery ties in the back!


My princess is growing up so fast!  I hope you are enjoying all the moments with your kids because time certainly goes by too quickly!

If you make a pencil color block dress I would love to see it!  E-mail me or find me at my blog – www.sewingmamaraeanna.com!


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!

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