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I’m Jess Abbott, the Sewing Rabbit.

Growing up my nickname was Jessica Rabbit. Little did I know that when I met my husband, my name would literally become Jessica R. Abbott, and the Sewing Rabbit was born.

What makes The Sewing Rabbit blog different from other sewing blogs?

The Sewing Rabbit blog is comprised of a team of sewing creatives, that strive to bring fresh content weekly. This ensures that you always have a new perspective on the timeless art of sewing. Whether that be sewing the trends, teaching techniques, or sharing pattern and DIY tutorials, we cover many different angles to reach all audiences.

Furthermore, our aim is to truly make the Sewing Rabbit a community of teaching, encouraging, and bringing forth new ideas and concepts. We go far in trying to achieve this goal, including hosting events that occur around the nation every few months – bringing sewing lovers together to connect on a face-to-face level at the Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores Girl’s Night Out Events. Working as a brand ambassador for trusted companies has also given us the ability to truly bring amazing opportunities to our readers as a way of saying thank you. Including giveaways like an entire trip to Sewing Summit (hotel, airfare, and ticket).

We try hard to always keep the blog fresh, fun, and exciting – so that every time you return you will find something new!


After an incredible year with the 2013 Sewing Rabbit Team, it was hard saying good-bye. But after carefully going through all of the amazingly talented applicants, the 2014 Sewing Rabbit Team was born.

Keep reading below to learn a little bit about the Sewing Rabbit herself…



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A little bit about The Sewing Rabbit herself…

Wife to an incredible man, and Mother to 3 young, active, and crazy kids. I grew up in New York, my husband is from California – and combined we have lived everywhere from Illinois, New York, California, Hawaii, Florida, Munich, France, and now Virginia. We are two people with a love for travel, and a belief in seeing new things and being where you are called to be.

Embroidering since I was a little girl, I taught myself to sew on the sewing machine when I was living in Germany as a new parent. Not knowing the language, and not having any friends, I realized I needed something to do to stay sane. Since then it has become an intense passion of mine, and I am thankful for having realized this God given gift.  Sewing is cathartic for my soul. When I go for long periods without sewing, I start to walk around and mutter to myself. Its not pretty.

I try to put God first in all I do, including creating this blog. I believe Jesus is my personal savior, and thank Him for the many blessings in my life. Life can be crazy in our house, with 3 small kids running around and fabric flying. I don’t sit still – like ever, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Want to know more about Jessica Abbott personally?

We kicked off 2014 with a ‘Getting Connected‘ Series, in which I will be opening up and sharing my life with you. Talking about all sorts of things, from where I came from, my dreams and hopes, daily life. You name it! Once a month we’ll simply open up the conversation and get REAL. You can find the posts here, but be warned – once you start to read you may be sticking around for a while. Just  make sure you have more than 5 minutes to spend in front of the computer.

Why is it called the Me Sew Crazy Blog?

When the blog first started a little over 3 years ago, I was really just looking for a place to share my sewing creations and make connections with other designers out there. It started out as Me Sew Crazy. Since then, we have branched out and started other productions such as SewSet.com, STYLO eMagazine, the Girl’s Night Out Dinners, Five & Ten Designs, etc. All of which you can find in the menu on this blog. To bring them all together in one place, the Sewing Rabbit parent company was born.

Why should you stick around?

Because you are awesome, and this is an awesome place…that uses the word awesome a lot.


Looking to chat?

You can find me hanging out at my Facebook Page or on Instagram most frequently…

Got questions?

I’de love to hear from you! E-mail me at: sewingrabbit{at}gmx{dot}com

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to see you again really soon!


Until next time…

Happy Sewing!


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