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Fringe Purse Tutorial

Hey y'all! I'm pretty excited about this post! Have you ever looked at a piece of fabric and just known what it was supposed to be? Well, when I saw this green suede my friend Marissa of Rae Gun sent me in a holiday swap, I just knew it had to be a fringe bag. Then Jess (you, know, the lovely lady behind this blog!) sent me this lovely Navajo print leather I[...]

How to Take in a Jeans Waist

The Gap. No, not the store. The OTHER Gap. The one at the back of your jeans' waistband. The gap you overlooked in the fitting room because the jeans fit so well on the rest of your body (and because you forgot to sit down while trying them on). You can sew, so no big deal--let's just take them in! Here's a method I used to take in a too big jeans waist when[...]

Mitchiri Neko Shirt DIY

Well, hello there, Sewing Rabbit readers!! I can’t believe this is real! This right here is the stuff dreams are made of: being a part of the Sewing Rabbit Team! *le sigh*! I won’t let you down, folks. I going to do my best to bring you some action-packed fun and cuteness every time you see me here! Promise! I really wanted to do something special that I’ve [...]

Military Cardi DIY

Hello Sewing Rabbit readers! Today I have a super simple DIY cardigan remix to share with you! This is the easiest pattern hack ever and is perfect for both adults and children. All you need is a cardigan pattern you already own! I used the Aster Cardigan by Willow and Co but if you don't have a cardigan pattern and you are feeling a little more daring you[...]

Fancy Collars DIY

My daughter has about 1 million cardigans in her closet.  Around here, it never gets terribly cold, so they are worn a lot (sometimes as outerwear).  Unfortunately, they're a bit boring day in and day out.  So, I made some bling for them.  For a girl who loves to accessorize, the first order of business was a sequin collar. Fancy Collar diy - with Fre[...]

Disney Princess Skater Dresses - Pattern Hack

Before our trip to Florida, you were likely to find me in my sewing studio sewing like a fiend in order to get these comfortable princess dresses done in time! After all, what could be worse than walking around Florida in 100+ degree heat in a long sleeve polyester dress. I mean....seriously. I sweat just thinking about it. So after getting the Skater Dres[...]

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