Elsa Costume DIY

Elsa Dress DIY

For those of us who have children under the age of 10, the movie Frozen has become a household name. Most parents know every word to every song, as well as the YouTube parodies that go along with these catchy tunes.  My girls have literally been begging me to make them both Anna and Elsa […]

Bear Butt Baby Shorts DIY


I am pretty sure there is only one time in your life when you can have things sewn or painted on your bottom, and have it actually be really cute…lol – BABY time :). Who doesn’t love a baby bum? Especially when it has cute animals on it as they scoot by?!  Gah – I […]

Layered Bodice Sundress DIY – 30 Days of Sundresses

Layered Bodice Dress DIY

I pretty much live in maxi dresses all Summer long. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable outfit to wear while still looking nice. My hair can be thrown up in a messy beach bun and I can be wearing no make up, but if I am wearing a maxi dress with sunglasses – […]

Patriotic Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

Patriotic Patchwork Pillow DIY

Celebrate your red, white and blue this Summer with a fun pillow sewing tutorial by the incredible Nicole of the Sewing Rabbit Team! This patriotic patchwork pillow tutorial is a great way to use up some of your red, white & blue scraps – and will keep your tushy comfy while watching fireworks and eating smores […]

Pocket Pals Pillow – a Tutorial


Once again, Nicole of the Sewing Rabbit Team is AMAZING.  The pocket pals pillow is the cutest decorative pillow for kids I have seen in forever. Kids will love having a place to store their Legos, Polly Pockets, Lala Loopsies, and other small toys – to keep near and dear to them while they sleep. And […]

Afternoon Chambray Floral Top DIY


The weather may not be cooperating for Spring yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be dreaming about it in our sewing room! The Afternoon Chambray Floral Top sewing tutorial by Melissa of the Sewing Rabbit Team is the perfect closet staple – it’s classic, feminine and flirty. Using the new Dear Stella Ludlow fabric line and […]